The LBSY Curriculum

Our Students Benefit From a Wide Range of Studies With a Focus on Developing Their Critical Thinking Skills

Our curriculum is flexible to meet the needs of the Jewish community in Louisville. Through our curriculum we endeavor to establish a lifelong love of Jewish learning. We strive to create an environment in which students experience Jewish values, traditions, history and jewish life in a meaningful way.

We offer a Jewish values curriculum as well as Hebrew language for liturgy. LBSY also offers individual tutoring in Hebrew for Bnei Mitzvah. All our teachers and tutors are fluent in liturgical Hebrew and some are also fluent in modern Hebrew.

At LBSY we have the best of three worlds. Our student’s benefit from not just the traditions of their own Synagogue or Temple but from the traditions of two other congregations as well. Because LBSY is composed of three congregations, we provide a variety of religious viewpoints and yet we are inclusive to all. However, LBSY is not just open to the children of our three founding congregations but to all jewish children in Louisville and we attempt to accommodate many viewpoints on how to live a Jewish life.

Interdenominational Teaching

USCJ Seek meaning together


We envision and pursue an authentic and dynamic Judaism that inspires today’s and tomorrow’s generation of Jews to seek meaning, find connection, and experience wholeness (shleymut) in a world that is complex and ever evolving. We strengthen synagogues. We are the network that ensures there are thriving centers of Jewish practice across North America, Israel, and beyond that celebrate both tradition and contemporary life. Together, we demonstrate what an authentic and dynamic Judaism looks like, inspire people to be a part of it, and advance its critical role in the world.

Union for Reform Judaism


The Union for Reform Judaism strives to create a more whole, just, and compassionate world. We motivate people from diverse backgrounds to participate and deepen their engagement in Jewish life; create a more inclusive Jewish community; help congregations stay adept and agile; develop teen and adult leaders to lead transformation for the future; foster meaningful connections to Israel; and agitate for a more progressive society. The Reform Jewish Movement believes there is more than one authentic way to be Jewish and that Judaism must change and adapt to the needs of the day to survive. The Union for Reform Judaism’s legacy, reach, leadership, and vision ensure we can unite thousands of years of tradition with modern experience to strengthen Judaism today and for generations to come.

Individual Tutoring

student writing on board

We offer individual tutoring to all students from grade 5 and up! We have a fantastic team of tutors who are our very own teachers, Madrichim, and college graduates from LBSY. All very knowledgeable and fluent in liturgical Hebrew. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

The LBSY Advantage

  • We adapt our teaching methods to fit the needs of each student and guarantee their success.

  • Our ratio of 8 students or less per teacher ensures that personalized instruction is never more than a moment away.

  • Over 1,300 students have graduated from LBSY.

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